Protect Your New Furniture Against Accidents

Girl and dog jumping on couch

Accidents happen.

That's why you need a Furniture Care Protection Plan to keep your furniture looking new for years to come.

Protect Against Accidental Damage

The various plans protect you against a broad range of accidental damage – coverage that's outside a manufacturer's warranty. When an accident happens, your furniture is repaired – at no cost to you. If repair is impossible, your furniture is replaced. It's that simple.

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    Furniture can be repaired if any damage occurs ouside of a manufacturer's warranty.

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    Your furniture will be replaced if a repair is not possible.

Comprehensive Damage Coverage

Coverage depends on the plan you choose. But plans typically cover common food and beverage stains, along with accidental marks. They also can cover stains, scratches, gouges, tears, and much more.

Maybe you had an eccentric great aunt who protected her furniture with plastic slipcovers. Trust us – a Furniture Care Protection Plan is much better!

Common Furniture Damage

  • check icon Food & beverage stains
  • check icon Accidental burn & singe marks
  • check icon Human & pet bodily fluids
  • check icon Ink & nail polish
  • check icon Scratches & gouges
  • check icon Fabric & upholstery tears

For complete details about the available plans, please visit our FurnitureLand showroom in Delmar, DE.