Donation Request

At FurnitureLand and Ashley of Coastal DE, our core focus is transforming lives by transforming homes!  This deeply held belief transcends the transactions in our stores to positively impact the communities in which we live.  As we transform lives by transforming homes, we select a narrow range of community partners to help us transform the communities in which we operate.  As an example, we give a portion of every bed sold to a fund/non-profit known as Hope to Dream.  This fund is used to give beds to kids who may otherwise not have a proper place in which to sleep.  As we like to say, “it’s hard to dream when you can’t sleep.”  Our commitment to these children and a select hand full of other community partners is narrowly focused, as we believe in the need to adequately fund a few initiatives as opposed to inadequately funding many initiatives.  This narrow focus leads to transformative outcomes  for those whom we choose to serve, but also means that we reluctantly have to decline many solicitations for donations.  Despite this narrow focus, however, we encourage community minded individuals and non-profits to use the form fill below to submit any donation requests.  We assure you that every request is reviewed, considered and will receive a response.