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Our Red Carpet Service Delivers for You!

Lots of places call their delivery service "Red Carpet," but how many actually roll out a red carpet to your door? We do. It's all part of ensuring the great shopping experience you enjoyed in our store continues with your delivery.

Moving furniture into apartment stairwell

Your Red Carpet Delivery starts the day before your merchandise is scheduled to arrive. That's when our scheduler will call to give you a two-hour delivery window. This is a good time to make sure the path from your door to where the furniture will be placed is cleared of any obstructions.

The next day, our prep team inspects your merchandise and gets it ready for the delivery truck. Our delivery team then inspects the items again before carefully loading them and making sure they're properly protected.

When our trained delivery professionals arrive at your home, besides rolling out the red carpet they'll put protective coverings on your door frames, wear booties inside your home, and do everything else necessary to deliver your furniture safely and to your satisfaction. 

To speak with one of our delivery schedulers, please call 302-846-3005, ext. 714. You also can email them at

Want to Pick It Up Yourself?

If you'd like to pick up your merchandise yourself, we're happy to help. Just be sure to bring plenty of ropes and blankets to make sure everything arrives home safely.

You'll pick up your merchandise at our distribution center/warehouse, which is 1.7 miles north of our store. For best service, it's a good idea to call ahead at 302-846-3005.