About FurnitureLand

People have often asked us what the secret is that explains our business’s unparalleled growth in both the region and the industry. But the truth is, there really is no secret -- unless you consider unswerving dedication to the core ideas and principals we had when we first opened our doors 20 years ago to be some kind of secret. To us, it’s just good business.

Back in 1991, we started out with 5,000 sq. ft. on one humble acre. In those days, we did it all ourselves: We found it, bought it, displayed it, sold it, delivered it and serviced it. Funny thing is, 20 years later, despite having grown 20-fold, we may find ourselves on any given day doing the same exact thing. It’s a time-tested work ethic that we have passed along to our son, Justin, who oversees our company’s operations and our daughter Jessica, who runs administration. Together, we are the Barnes family, and we’ve worked tirelessly to create the friendliest and most accommodating business environment to be found anywhere in the region. Our ultimate goal is to offer an utterly stress-free purchasing experience to 100% of our customers. And based on the fact that the majority of our business comes from repeat customers — many of whom have since become our friends — we have good reason to believe our philosophy is on the mark. But there are other reasons why FurnitureLand is unequivocally the fastest-growing furniture retailer on the Eastern Shore.

  • With buying power in the billions, our membership in the Furniture-First Buying Group lets us get you the furniture you want at the most competitive prices to be found anywhere.
  • A vast selection of merchandise to choose from, including product lines that are exclusive to the Barnes family business within the region.
  • Same-day “red carpet” delivery service, in which we literally roll the red carpet to your door
  • More flexible financing terms than any furniture retailer on the Shore

Perhaps my husband, Larry, put it best when he said, “To create and grow a quality business, you must structure it in a way that develops solid, long-term relationships with your customers. By doing that, your customers will always come back to you. But it’s building and maintaining those relationships that makes our family love going to work each and every morning.”

On behalf of my entire family, we look forward to seeing you in Delmar.

Beth Barnes